The Wave furniture was born from the desire to create an object "furniture" but in sufficient proportions to give it a space resizing function.

The goal was to design a multifunctional furniture, modifiable and customizable according to the needs of the client, whether its use is for the public or private sector, while maintaining an identical strain and producing at a minimum.


The Wave is a piece of furniture with variable physiognomy and infinitely declining in form and function.

This flexibility of adaptation is allowed thanks to a manufacturing process directly related to the know-how of the company Sifferlin located in Mundolsheim in the 67. the piece of furniture is conceived in multipli of birch and medium plated, cut out numerically in the mass. The slices obtained after cutting are assembled and glued to obtain modules of variable size. These modules are finally hollowed out, assembled and fastened together.


This method makes it possible to use a wide range of materials and facilitates the production of furniture with complex shape without impact on the cost of manufacture.


The furniture as manufactured and presented below is a space of relaxation and meeting ordered by the company AMUNDI for the renovation of its headquarters in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The existing building suffered from a lack of geographic reference. This is why the Wave has been positioned at each lift exit but only on a landing to serve as an indicator in space. It is located close to the cafeteria and reprography areas and therefore allows users to invest as a relaxation area for a break with friends, but also a meeting place for informal meetings.


Spaces of relaxation on 38000 m2 of office