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/professionnal career

Emmanuel Negroni

Some dates:


1966 birth

1970-1984 good for nothing and bad for everything ...

1984-1987 Boulle school and bachelor's degree with 19.5 in applied arts.

1987-1990 ESAG-Pennighen.

1990 diploma of arctic interior / designer - mention very good major of promotion.

1990-2000 self-employed.

2000 creation of the agency Negroni archivision "agency of designers" with Mr Frederic Negroni and Mr Denis Czaplejewicz.

2002 design of 80% OSB housing including structural framing for Ste Krono France.

2003 price puts peninghen for negroni archival with boomerang.

2005 study and design of a cave house with passive energy.

2006 discovery of the "world of difference" Therapeutic Architecture with the Awakening of the Scarab.

2010 prize puts peninghen for negroni archivision with the soul of the tivoli.

2014 nominated at the ADC awards 2014 with "the spirit of the past".

2014 design professor at ESAG Penninghen.

2015 laureate of the "Tango and Scan" competition with the Sifferlin warehouse for ripple "Medical surveillance in perfect transparency"

2015 1 ° architecture award to the ADC awards for negroni archivision with the awakening of the beetle.

2016 ---- a big turn!

2017 design professor at Strate

2017 Transposition of the concept of the beetle awakening on an existing apartment of 140 M2 for adults with autism (TED).

2018 Creation of specific furniture for autists.


And finally, to listen: The role of "the Artist" according to Mr Albert Camus.

More and more design is crossing the boundaries of professions, just like architecture. It becomes unavoidable and is sometimes inseparable from a reflection on human needs, it is social and global. Faced with a consumer society that has us too accustomed to opulence, today it really makes sense.

It exists to specifically meet human needs regardless of scale and is no longer simply a response to envy.

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