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/thérapeutic architecture in service of people with autism 

Research for the dependent populations: Autism, Alzheimer, Disabled, 4th age.

"Any architectural will is adapted and tuned to their differences."


The SENS, faculty in Man, to perceive the various impressions that provokes on him the external environment.

For a long time, sensory stimulation has been seen as a vehicle for improving the health of people with mental retardation and as a means of communication to get in touch with them. They have been exploited to improve deep deficiencies.

The environment in which people with multiple disabilities live is aggressive and chaotic.

The multitude of solicitations to which community life subjects them and their complexity makes it difficult or impossible to integrate.

This archaic relational mode is taken as a means of the four principles of philosophy. Securing, reducing tension, motivation to action and the realization of being.

Principles that one does not seek to achieve but which remain a course of action.

emmanuel negroni médiathèque de montargis

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--- 09 & 10 Nov. 2017 - ROUND TABLE - "Is there a benevolent architecture?"

Multipurpose room, site EPI La Combe, in Collonge-Bellerive of the canton of Geneva, Switzerland.


--- 11 Apr 2017 - CONFERENCE - "Therapeutic architecture"

Higher School of Design, La Martiniere in Lyon


--- Feb 18 2017 - ROUND TABLE - "Habitat and Asperger Syndrome".

Aspie Days - 1st international exhibition in France on Asperger syndrome in Lille.


--- March 5, 2016 - CONFERENCE - "Architecture and Autism"

Arco Iris13 & Autism France - 1382 La Penne sur Huveaune