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Physiological marker of the state of stress in a non-interventional situation


"Winner of the 2015 Tango & Scan call for projects"

Registered model INPI



In the wake of the awakening of the Beetle, we considered evaluating the emotional well-being of people with pervasive developmental disorders or suffering from neuropsychiatric pathologies, in health centers.


Most assessments of stress status in neuropsychiatry are done using psychometric scales or questionnaires, which require the intervention of medical staff.

Our approach was to remove any intervention to avoid any stressful situation.


With this in mind, we have considered the use of biological sensors to measure at rest, physiological parameters, which are indicative of the state of stress. And this, under conditions, non-invasive, non-interventional and non-stressful.


The physiological markers revealing the state of stress can be:


- The measurement of the galvanic response of the skin that reflects the activity of the sweat glands ("level of perspiration" of the person)

- Skin temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate are good indicators of the state of stress.


Why not imagine a relaxing environment, with relaxation chair adapted to the measurement of the state of stress?


The results would certainly be more relevant!




Proto ondul2
Proto ondul

"We are looking for funding to finalize the prototype"

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