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Conception of a new project for children with autism, an Medical-Educational Institutes & Special Education and Home Care Services in the suburbs of Paris. Here, the difficulty was to recreate a cocoon of greenery and calm in an environment "anxiety". Small and complicated plot, near a national and industrial buildings. Our desire for this therapeutic architecture, develop through the natural environment stimulation of the senses and avoid behavioral disorders related to environmental nuisances.


Medical-Educational Institutes
00Plan de masse2
02Vue d'ensemble
02Vue d'ensemble
Experimental apartment for adults with autism

Through the design of furniture we demonstrate the possibility of declining and improving a free design project entirely dedicated to autism (The Awakening of the Scarab) on a conventional apartment of 140 m2 for 2 adults with autism (TED ).


UPSA (Specialized autism pilot unit)

In collaboration with the FHMS (Foundation Handicap Mental and Society) and the EPI (Public Institution for Integration), in Geneva, Switzerland.

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