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Due to its volumetry (avenante, fluid, aggressive), its eventual dominance over the individual, its sensory reception, the architectural envelope must improve the feeling of people with autism.

It is a set, architecture, interior design and furniture must be in osmosis and consistent with the proposed philosophy.



Medical-Educational Institutes

Conception of a new project for children with autism, an IME and a SESSAD in the suburbs of Paris. Here, the difficulty was to recreate a cocoon of greenery and calm in an environment "anxiety". Small and complicated plot, near a national and industrial buildings. Our desire for this therapeutic architecture, develop through the natural environment stimulation of the senses and avoid behavioral disorders related to environmental nuisances.

00Plan de masse2
02Vue d'ensemble
02Vue d'ensemble
specialized reception house Corse du sud

A contemplative work littered on a hill and overlooking the region of Ajaccio. A new example of a therapeutic architecture for people with "severe" autism. Due to its volumetry, this building offers a possible autonomy to its occupants and claims an accompaniment to the inclusion of the ordinary world ....



Plan de masse
Implantation int
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