A vision of the public building in the 21st century in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior.


The development of this project was done in close collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, the Divisional Commissioner Julien Gentile of DAPN STSI, Deputy Chief of the Department of Homeland Security Technology.


"Humanize": the need for an indispensable and inseparable entity of a modern society.

To open oneself to a society in full mutation without concealing its faults.


Our world is changing, its "tools" too.


The "police station of the future" will be primarily a model administrative building.

Every citizen will be able to freely and peacefully access it without having to mix with a criminal environment thanks to the use of three distinct traffic flows: the public, the staff and the police environment.


On the other hand, the building sector contributes significantly to the emission of greenhouse gases and therefore to increased global warming. In the light of this, it has become essential for the public authorities to intervene and take measures to limit these impacts.

As a result, this building uses "new energy regulations", such as low consumption (BBC) or liabilities.


This building is designed to be flexible, scalable and adaptable over time to meet geographic, ecological, economic and social needs.