Today, it is vital to improve the living environment of dependent populations. The environment must be participatory in therapies and have a positive effect on the well-being of the occupants.



Feasibility study for the redevelopment and extension of Soleil âme school.


Studies and research of a place to receive several categories of dependent persons, including supervisory and administrative staff.


Why not imagine a place where everyone could meet: Autistic adults and aging, Alzheimer's, senior citizens and even supervisory and administrative staff.

To remove the frontiers of differences, to avoid as much as possible the gheKoids while respecting the essential needs of each difference.


For that we propose universes adapted to the different pathologies.

- Quiet and confined places for autists.

- Tables d'hôtes in a soft and luminous universe for Alzheimer's.

- Comfortable and central areas for the elderly.

- And finally, dispatched around these universes, tables for supervisors and staff.

There are also lounges for resting, reading or chatting and finally a tea room with a bar to welcome families.


This unique and federative place will cross the castle in a transversal way to symbolize the union of beings and ban the borders of difference. The unique position of this house will also connect the central garden of the castle to its back with a view of the fields. It will bring together all the places adjoining the castle.



Help with programming for the search of a space in Paris dedicated to a future home of life for 24 adults with autism.



Feasibility study for the redevelopment and expansion of a home in Marseille.


The elevation of the building will enlarge the rooms and especially improve the sensory comfort on the entire building.

It is a fact that today the environment plays a vital role in the well-being of people with autism.

This expansion will allow to create several places of life on several levels of intimacy to reduce the stress of promiscuity.

Natural and artificial light will play a major role in the entire building and the acoustics will be completely redesigned to avoid echo effects.


Three volumetric strengths:

1) The kitchen multifunction space will become the heart of the building we live there, we learn, we receive, we relax. This space will consist of a therapeutic area of ​​the dining room and living room.

2) The staircase will be the spine, it is no longer a "passage" but a living space. This natural skylight will recreate other places: TV corner, reading corner, work area, meeting place.

3) The meeting place terrace and friendly will be an outdoor space "inside" completely dedicated to the occupants and families