L'EVEIL DU SCARABEE   (beetle awakening)

Design through the senses as therapy

"Winner of the Architecture Award at the ADC Awards 2015"



L'éveil du scarabée  -  Center for Autistic Adults


-An environment that offers gentle sensory solicitations, generating pleasure and relaxation, where certain senses can be solicited separately or simultaneously, by visual and volumetric sensations, natural light, chromotherapy, perception of materials and acoustics .


- A contemporary architectural approach that matches the medical and modern energy technologies (geothermal and solar panels), the quality of life and the family circle.


-A willingness to break established codes to design a building that responds to the hyper-sensoriality and hyper-sensitivity of the public with PDD (pervasive developmental disorders).


-A pilot building where everything has been designed to facilitate participation in therapeutic work (securing, reducing tension, motivation to action and the realization of being).