gas district heating in the heart of the city


For the Elyo Ile de France group, Negroni Archivision has built two urban boiler rooms, one of which is located in the heart of the city of Massy.


Too often the boiler room of town is considered as a building not very noble because unsightly and polluting. That's why they were found in remote areas of the city center.

But with the expansion of agglomerations some boiler houses found themselves in urban areas.


Our approach was to consider this building as one of the driving forces of the city and on which its inhabitants depend.


We conceived it as an "object", worked from all angles, without a "poor" facade, to allow the urban fabric to develop all around and thus become a strong element of the city just like a city. school, a town hall, a church.


The urban boiler must be representative of the comfort it provides to citizens and an image conveying a greener functioning in line with the environment.


To show it is to be proud of it.