Restructuring of a public building in a media library and theater



the soul of the tivoli


The agglomeration Montargoise launched a competition in 2004 to redevelop media library and auditorium, an administrative building, located on an island of Loing.

We wanted a volume adapted to the new functions that such a work imposes, but the constraints of urbanistic regulations made it necessary to preserve a part of the existing one.

The party was therefore taken to retain 10% of the former complex.


"To cultivate while having fun"

Our first desire was to remove the solemnity that a traditional library can present.

Our approach has been to globalize customer demand by linking architecture, interior design and design, allowing us to assume the full functional and aesthetic responsibility of the work.



The library

The triple skin of the south facade allows to filter and sift the light. Three distinct elements compose it: a coat of mesh, kites (colored stretched canvases) and a curtain wall. Applying these three bodies allows a gentle and colorful filtration inside while maintaining optimal brightness.

At night, the thickness of this virtual wall (80 cm) and the game of shadows through the kites bring a different reading from that of the day.



The theater

It was the existing and unsightly part of the old building. We locked her up in a "stainless steel box" and offered to add a showroom.

The large sloped walls reflect the natural environment while deforming it.

Behind this metal parallelepiped, corridors distribute the stage and the boxes.

The bow of the building is intended for the actors' lodges with a direct view of the Loing.


The course

The visitor arriving from the bridge is led to the "glass bellows" designed deliberately narrow.

This volumetric shrinkage influences the visitor's feelings:

The passage "narrow zone / free and ventilated volume" accentuates the impression of space and calm when entering the consultation zone.


Scalability, mobility

Knowing the future evolution of such a building (modification of the media presented, increasing evolution of the areas youth space, adults, or multimedia) we wanted to be able to manage the space as freely as possible.

The interior is combined to allow great flexibility in the layout of the furniture. We wanted it to be adaptable, mobile and an integral part of the interior production.

Mobility is unrestrained thanks to false ceiling technical slits combining general lighting, (strong current and low current). Connections are done through poles. The user can therefore, at his convenience, recompose the spaces without structural modification.


The furniture :

3 axes of work

1) the furniture

From a common base, we wanted furniture that could be adapted to several functions such as:

- Consultation table

- Multimedia table

- Audio terminals and OPAC

- CD and DVD tray.

Thanks to a system of cylinder and pulleys integrated in the feet, the furniture can adapt itself to all the desired heights according to the function imparted.

To democratize references, long established, to adapt to the human morphology of the new, larger generations.

To propose several ways to consult works, thanks to the vertical mobility of the tables, Low position 66 cm, Position "bar" 80 cm and standing 90 cm.


It seemed important to us to attract the visitor thanks to luminous "heads of gondolas" presenting open works ...

2) Stay in a financial cost equivalent to furniture purchased commercially.

3) Possibility of declining the furniture to other media libraries while customizing it for each specific project.


Signage. (Conception: Gabriel Calladine.)

"Convergence graphics / architecture"

It was relatively easy to design signage that harmonized with this place, large areas of expression were left voluntarily available.

The large painted walls were designed with the dual purpose of being informative and decorative, the colorful use of support piles already marking spaces, has imposed itself, especially as the color codes of different spaces had been defined since the design of the shelving furniture.

In the end, the result obtained is a sign that can express its own personality while converging with the architectural register as a whole.


The materials :

The materials were chosen for their durability over time, their aspects and their link to their function.

The shiny annealed stainless steel of the theater reveals the environment while interpreting and distorting it.

The translucent chainmail develops several levels of perception. It is put in opposition to the stainless steel, which allows, according to the sunshine of the day, an architectural reading still different.

The mixture, the translucent, the depth and the deformed reflection oppose and enrich themselves. they thus offer a free appropriation of what can represent the notion of "culture" and its perception.